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The New Year's Resolution

We all like to start of the New Year with a resolution! The number one resolution for 2017 for most people surveyed was to Get Healthy. For some people it's eating healthier, for some it's getting more quality sleep, and others to be more physically active and/or exercise more regularly.

When it comes to exercise, a majority of the people that start an exercise program tend to overdue it with too much and too intense for their current level of fitness. The intentions are good, but where should one start.

If you don't want exercise to be painful and actually improve your overall health, you need to start with some moderate aerobic exercise i.e. walking, cycling, elliptical, swimming, and any other forms of continuous movement using the large muscles for at least 20-30 minutes 3 to 5 times a week. If you are very unfit, even multiple 10 minute bouts of continuous aerobic exercise is beneficial. The key is to allow the body to gradually get used to regular continuous movement. If you are over 40 years of age, and haven't exercised regularly for quite awhile, it is important to have a thorough medical exam with your primary care physician before embarking on an exercise program. If you can afford a comprehensive preventive physical exam at a clinic like the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, TX, you will have an even better understanding of your current health.

It is also import that you get a baseline movement screening that addresses whole body mobility, stability, and strength. The Functional Movement Screen uses 7 different assessments to address strengths and weaknesses in one's movement patterns. A professional fitness trainer that is certified in administering the the Functional Movement Screen will be able to get you started on corrective exercises to help you address weak areas that might limit movement when exercising.

Once movement has been corrected, one should begin a strength training program at least twice a week. A rule of thumb is to always start working from the middle out. What do I mean by the middle out? Use compound movements that address muscles in the lumbar-pelvic region (hips) first. That is where all movement starts and that is where most movement dysfunctions occur due to the excessive sitting we do nowadays.

You may need to hire a Professional Fitness Trainer/Coach to get you started with what is appropriate for your current fitness level. Most people use very little of their muscular capacity during an ordinary exercise session. At Move Well Strength we help you get moving efficiently in a highly effective manner. We teach you techniques that integrate and engage a high percentage of your muscles for the most efficient use of your muscles and therefore faster strength gains. Our Move Well Strength Method will help you achieve your goals whether you want to lose weight, be faster, stronger, or just want to improve your overall well-being. In order for you to get even more from your training session, make sure that your Professional Fitness Trainer/Coach has an advanced certification such as Strong First. The Strong First Certification holds one of the highest standards for fitness professionals in the fitness industry.

Have a Prosperous and Healthy New Year!

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