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About Move Well Strength

We help you build a solid foundation ground up.

Our Goal is to help you achieve optimal wellbeing through coaching good movement and strength. We strive to help everyone achieve healthy movement through mind-body connections.

Everything we teach our students has a purpose to help each individual reach their full movement potential whether it may be improved mobility, stability, strength, fitness, and improved function for daily living.  The movements we teach also stimulate the brain to create new nerve cell pathways (Neuroplasticity), thus keeping the brain sharp as you move through life. We use NKT or Neurokinetic Therapy to address muscular imbalances/compensations.

The Move Well Coach 

I have 20  years experience working in preventive medicine as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist/Fitness Consultant at the world famous Cooper Clinic in Dallas, TX.  I have supervised and observed over 9,000 people walk on a treadmill over the years and have seen good  and poor movement. I have also conducted over 2,000 functional movement assessments.  Through many years of observation of movement I have come to realize that being and staying fit as we age has three major components: aerobic fitness,  functional strength , and overall ability to move well. Whether you want to move more efficiently, have less pain, get stronger and faster, and have more endurance, my wife Christian and I will help you achieve your goals through a proven systematic approach based on the Functional Movement Screen.


Marius Maianu


Ready to Unleash Your
Inner Strength?

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