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Our Goal

Our Goal is to help you achieve optimal wellbeing through coaching good movement and strength. We strive to help everyone achieve healthy movement through mind-body connections.

We help you build a solid foundation ground up...


   Strength Technique

  Mindful Movement

  Neurokinetic Therapy

       Proper Breathing

Move & Breathe 

Deep diaphragmatic breathing is the foundation of all movement. We will teach you to engage your deep breathing muscles during movement and at rest.


Move Mindfully 

Everything we teach our students has a purpose to help each individual reach their full movement potential whether it may be improved mobility, stability, strength, fitness, and improved function for daily living.  The movements we teach also stimulate the brain to create new nerve cell pathways (Neuroplasticity), thus keeping the brain sharp as you move through life. We use NKT or NeuroKinetic Therapy to address muscular imbalances/compensations. 

Move Well

We want to help our students of ALL ages to move well first, which takes precedence over any other initial training goal. We require all of our students  to go through The Functional Movement Screen and NKT to protect the student from faulty repetitive movement patterns.  Periodic screening will be conducted to assess improvement from applying the individualized

corrective strategies.

Move Strong

We believe that developing  a strong base of strength is crucial for all human movement whether you are an athlete, executive, or stay at home mom.  We use Strong First method of training as our main benchmark to build a strong base of strength with the Kettlebells being the initial main modality.  We also, use Bands, Tubing, Indian Clubs, Barbell, Bodyweight, Rings, Pull up bar, Mace Clubs, and other unconventional tools to improve overall movement.

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