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  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, North Dakota State University

  • Licensed Massage Therapist, #MT121923, Texas


Nationally - Accredited Certifications

  • American College of Sports Medicine, Certified - Exercise Physiologist


Advanced Certificates


  • Strong First  Level 1 Kettlebell and Barbell Instructor

  • NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 2

  • Functional Movement Screen Level 1 & 2

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine OPT for the Senior Client

  • Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research: Coaching Healthy Behaviors, Indoor Cycling, Advanced Biomechanics of Strength Training

 Areas of Specialty


  • Teacher of Strength (Anti-fragility)

  • Functional Movement

  • Preventive Medicine 

  • Coaching Endurance Sports: Running, Cycling, Swimming

  • Teacher of Hardstyle Kettlebells

  • Wellness Coaching

  • Executive Fitness

  • Massage Therapy/NeuroKinetic Therapy



  • High School Sports: All-State Honors: Track & Field, Cross Country, and qualified for the state championships my first and only year in Swimming as a senior.

  • Collegiate Sports: Track & Field and Cross Country - 

  • All American Status  USA Triathlon

  • All American Status  USA Duathlon Ranked Top 5 in Nation Age-Group 20-24 1998

  • Ran in Sendai Half Marathon Representing City of Dallas, Tx as Friendship Ambassador 2000

  • Completed one and only Half Ironman in 4 hours and 45 min 1999

  • Completed 8 marathons with a personal best of 2 hours and 55 minutes 2000

  • Completed 16 half marathons with a personal best of 1 hour and 16 minutes

  • Completed over 50 triathlons and duathlons

  • Back on My Feet - Dallas Advisory Board Member 2012

  • Cooper Clinic Clinical Exercise Physiologist/Fitness Consultant 1998-2018


I have 20  years experience working in preventive medicine as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist/Fitness Consultant at the world famous Cooper Clinic in Dallas, TX.  I have supervised and observed over 9,000 people walk on a treadmill over the years and have seen good  and poor movement. I have also conducted over 2,000 functional movement assessments.  Through many years of observation of movement I have come to realize that being and staying fit as we age has three major components: aerobic fitness,  functional strength , and overall ability to move well.

Whether you want move more efficiently, have less pain, get stronger and faster, and have more endurance, my wife Christian and I will help you achieve your goals through a proven systematic approach based of the Functional Movement Screen.

To Your Health and Wellbeing,

Marius Maianu





Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, University of Texas in El Paso


Certified Personal Trainer - NASM

Functional Movement Screen - FMS, Cooper Institute

Certificate of Attendance - Strong First Body Weight SFB

When it comes to strength, I always tell my clients to be active every day most minutes of the day!  It is so important to incorporate a wide variety of activities in our daily practice, anything that will allow you to move in a multi-directional manner.  Sit less move more! Practice MINDFUL MOVEMENT  and MOVE WITH PURPOSE" In this manner you will recruit more muscle fibers and your BRAIN! However learning how to move efficiently and engaging all muscles as a unit is not always easy but MOVE WELL STRENGTH techniques can help you achieve that!


Strength is a skill and we can all learn it!  This requires proper technique, MINDFUL MOVEMENT and good breathing skills. We can teach you these skills through our Move Well Training Method we can guide you toward achieving muscular balance, injury prevention and really focus on

"Quality vs. quantity" in an integrative movement format.

We look forward to helping you achieve your strength and fitness goals!


Christian Brunet-Maianu

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