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Jim Cox MD and Justina Cox

I have long struggled to achieve my fitness goals due to a weakness in my lower back. At my university, I have taken part in a military training program designed to produce competitive officer candidates for the U.S. Marine Corps, but have been discouraged as I have not been able to achieve the fitness level of my peers. Horrible flexibility prevented me from being able to perform exercises properly, and back pain was always an issue. I learned to suffer through the pain and get in shape by ignoring the issues, making the pain even worse. Working out was a painful experience, and I would suffer throughout the day as a result of it. This past semester, I injured my back to the point that I could barely walk because of the pain, and had to take several weeks off of training.
I was recommended to Marius by my mother and sister, and had high hopes for my session from what they had told me. When we met, I told him that I had suffered from back pain for years, and wished to perform a deadlift; an exercise I have never been able to perform without great pain in the lower back.
In my first session, Marius discovered many of the dysfunctions I was dealing with, and worked to alleviate them through muscle release and activation. At first, I felt like it was a magic trick and it was hard for me to believe it would create lasting results. After the session, I felt like I was years younger; like back when I was instructing martial arts and in much better shape. In that first session alone, Marius helped me strengthen muscles that I had not been using previously, taking strain off my back and improving my flexibility.
I met with Marius again a week later, and my second session was even more transformative. By the end of that session, my flexibility had improved drastically. Before my first session, I was unable to touch my toes; my arms stopping about halfway down my shins. At the end of this second session, however, I was almost able to touch my palms to the ground. By improving the strength of various muscles which I had been neglecting, Marius helped me to become more balanced and take the pressure off my back that had caused me pain. 

I met with Marius a few days afterward and he taught me how to properly perform a deadlift, which I performed and reached a personal record without any pain. I had thought in the beginning that if he could get me to deadlift without pain, I would be a true testimonial. I didn’t think it was possible in such short time, but he did it.
For so long I felt that I was unable to achieve my fitness goals due to the physical structure of my body. Blaming genetics, history, and other factors, I thought there was no way I would be able to work out the way I wanted to without pain. Marius showed me otherwise, and I will continue to practice the things he taught me and see how far it takes me. I would recommend him to anyone. 

Ashton Self

Texas A&M student

I regard Marius as my life and physical fitness coach.  I have worked with him weekly for over 5 years and I am thrilled with “our” results.  He has imparted to me knowledge for living and he has inspired me along the way to keep changing and achieve the results that I want.  We have celebrated my successes together.  I have increased my weight from 137 lbs to 152 lbs on my 6 foot frame.  I have improved my functional strength for improvement in function of my daily living and improved functional movement on my hiking trips.  I have improved my bone density with complete reversal of bone density from osteopenia to normal in my spine and from osteoporosis to osteopenia in my hips [of course, with NO medications].  I have also had a remarkable reduction in incidence of low back pain.  He has organized my exercises around my needs to help me in areas I most needed and wanted help.  I continue to trust him on my journey to continued improvement in my health and fitness.  It is wonderful to feel and function better and better with increasing age.  I am now 74 years young and this year I will hike/climb the highest peak in Texas [Guadalupe Peak].  Thank you, Marius.










M. Leif Stromberg DDS Dallas, TX

I always worked out but used weights very little and never worked with a trainer.

I met Marius at the Cooper Clinic where he works, gives fitness assessments, and runs maximal exercise stress tests.  I have been working out with Marius for a little more than two years now and I have never felt stronger or healthier in my life.


Marius trains me with kettlebells, and dynamic movements as taught in the FMS and Strong First philosophy.

Marius keeps track of your progress and has customized work out plans set up each session.


His main philosophy is move often, and move differently. With that in mind he targets your goals in a way that makes it fun and challenging.


Marius is very good a analyzing movement, and observing weaknesses.

He will break down a movement into smaller segments that show your areas of weakness or strength.

Then you get a good feel for where you need to work.


Many times something in your head or a past injury may hold you back and keep you from moving forward.

Marius will diagnose the problem area pretty quick, and always seem to have an exercise at the ready to address it.

In this way Marius is more than a trainer, he is a partner in your health.


He wants you to succeed in your goals. He is always learning about fitness and injects that knowledge in to your program.

He gives diet advice, and can validate the effectiveness of your eating program.

My goals at first were to get better movement on the tennis court, but we tackled that in the first 2 or three weeks.

I was at 206 lbs but now I am 185 - 190.


We now work on strength. When I started I couldn’t do a TGU on my own without weight. Now I can TGU with a 60lb kettle bell. I have never dead lifted in my life but now I am doing 295lbs and gunning for 300+. I have many more goals in front of me, but I am thankful to have Marius by my side to see that I obtain them. Marius is the real deal and the standard for which all others should aspire to. I highly recommend him as your trainer.

M. Tignor Dallas, TX

Marius and his concepts about strength learned from Strong First have changed the way I think, workout, and move! His combination of training and sports massage are enabling muscle growth to a new level and I also have a great deal more fun strength training as a result.

Because of these new concepts of strength technique I have learned, I am accomplishing feats of strength I could not have imagined at my age! I have recently been able to do 8 almost perfect Pull ups/Chin ups!

M. Taylor Dallas,TX age 80



As a former U.S. Marine, Afghanistan veteran and weightlifting enthusiast, I have put a lot of stress on my body with wearing flak vests with both front and back sappy plates, PT sessions with heavy machine gun humps(hikes), weight lifting, etc...


For the last 6 years I have dealt with chronic back pain in my lower back region with nothing to help but over the counter medicines, in which I was taking 12-16 Tylenol daily.


One month ago I finally got tired of living in pain and went in to see Marius. In 30 short minutes he was able to diagnose my situation using NeuroKinetic Therapy and was able to figure out that I had put so much stress that my left Quadratus Lumborum muscle which wasn’t firing well, and it was causing massive pain in my lower back region do to poor form when performing heavy deadlifts. He went over proper form on deadlifts and squats and also had  me use a foam roller  and one month later I haven’t had any pain whatsoever. I’m able to lift, heck I’m able to just bend over without grimacing in pain.


I can’t thank Marius enough for his help and I urge any of you who deal with these pains or any muscle pain to just give him 30 minutes and see what wonders he can do for you.

Peyton Anderson
Former Sergeant U.S. Marine Corps

Thank you so much for all of the time you have spent with me over the last few months to get me stronger before starting my college volleyball career!


I will definitely take everything you've taught me to the rest of my athletic career and after!

I am sooo much stronger than I was when I first came to see you and I am very grateful.  I just have to remember to BREATHE!

Sierra Cox

Volleyball Setter

Amherst College

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